Bachata Instructor

With a successful semi-pro career teaching Bachata and other styles in Sydney, Australia, Renata moved to Las Vegas to continue her work in the dance industry. During her instructing career in Sydney, Renata has been a senior instructor at Tropical Soul Dance Studio since 2019. She has taught workshops at national events such as the Sydney International Bachata Festival and Perth Summer Sensual Weekender to name a few, as well as International events such as the Salsa in Hawaii Festival. Having a background of 12+ years in dance styles outside the Latin scene, she loves to apply those to her body movement and Bachata styling.

In Sydney, Renata was known as the “ambidancetrous” bachata instructor – not only does she follow but she also leads! This unique talent led Renata to place second in Australia as a lead in the semi-pro couples choreography division in 2022. Not new to the world of competition, she also holds a second place world title in an open shines team from the same year.

Renata is not just a dancer but she has a musical background, which naturally progressed into DJing bachata as well as salsa – known as DJ Aloha. She was one of Australia’s top DJs, having not only DJed at local parties, national events and festivals, such as the Sydney International Bachata Festival, she has also been featured in International events such as the Salsa in Hawaii Festival, San Francisco International Bachata Festival and Maui Salsa and Bachata Congress, and now DJs regularly in Las Vegas. With a musical background of singing and playing several instruments, DJing is a natural continuation to her art and is one of the driving forces of her musicality in dance. Her favorite thing while social dancing is playing with musical connection with her partner.