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Led by highly experienced instructors, our children’s ballet program provides students with the proper technique that can be used to increase flexibility, improve posture, increase confidence, or even become a ballet professional.

Students are introduced to various supplemental classes that prepare them for any dance career. They have the opportunity to perform in our annual summer recital and be chosen for various roles in our annual Nutcracker Show at the end of the year.

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Rhythmic Immersion

Ages 3-5

This fun and friendly class teaches students basic rhythm, musicality, and flexibility to little dancers who love to get their dance on!

Character 1 & 2

Ages 9+

Character dance is a specific subdivision of classical dance. It is the stylized representation of a traditional folk or national dance, mostly from European countries, and uses movements and music which have been adapted for the theater.

It is considered an integral part of the proper training of classical ballet students. It provides young dancers with better coordination, musicality and an ever more expressive upper body.

Character 1 & 2 cover different concepts according to their level.

Prerequisites for Character 1: in or completed ballet 2
Prerequisites for Character 2: one year of character 1


Ages 8+

Conditioning is a class dedicated to building our students strength, flexibility and stamina. This class is a building block in their well rounded training and helps them improve in other classes. To participate in this class the student must be ballet 2 or above.

Beginning Contemporary

Ages x - x

Beginning Contemporary is our introductory class for our students looking to expand their knowledge in different dance genres. In this class our students will begin to learn and explore a different movement style that allows for more expression and body movement while still applying their ballet training. This class provides a more well rounded dance curriculum.

Prerequisites for this class are to be in Ballet 2 or have completed ballet 2.

Intermediate Contemporary

Ages x - x

Intermediate Contemporary is our second level of contemporary where our students learn advanced contemporary technique, continue to explore their creativity and will begin to experiment with improvisation and choreography.

Prerequisites: One year of beginning contemporary
Ballet 3 or above/ previous ballet training

Pre Ballet

Ages 6-8

No experience required.

Our pre-ballet class is a floor class that focuses on strengthening young dancers before moving to learn moves at the barre.

Ballet 1

Ages 9-12

Some experience is preferred but not required.

Ballet 1 begins to apply the basics students have learned and introduce more complex movement combinations.

These combinations not only challenge their brain but continue to strengthen the muscles. Students improve their flexibility and posture as they prepare for the upper levels of their training.

Ballet 2

Age 10+ (based on ability)

Some ballet experience is required.

This level continues to strengthen the students and challenge them as they learn new steps and different combinations at the barre and in the center of the room.

Ballet 3

Age 12+ (based on ability)

Some ballet experience is required.

Ballet three continues to challenge and strengthen our dancers as they increase the difficulty of their training and master more complex moves.

Ballet 4

Age 12+ (based on ability)

Ballet experience required.

Ballet 4 continues to increase in difficulty and is focused on preparation for dancing in pointe shoes.

Ballet 5

Age 12+ (based on ability)

Ballet experience required.

Ballet 5 continues to increase in difficulty. Students start pointe work at this level.

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