Child & Youth Salsa Classes, Las Vegas

Our salsa program specializes in creativity and expression.

We teach each student proper technique, while supplementing their program with ballet to create well-rounded dancers.

Later in their career, students will learn how to choreograph their own shows and perform their own creations. They also perform in our annual summer recital and take on various roles in our annual Nutcracker Show at the end of the year.

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Youth Salsa 1

Instructor: Ms. Paula
Ages 6+


  • No experience is required

Youth Salsa 1 is the introductory class in our Youth Salsa Program. The class focuses on timing, musicality, and weight transfer that is specific to and essential for Salsa training. They also learn creativity and expression with basic body movement and free styling. 

Youth Salsa 2

Instructor: Ms. Paula and Ms. Marifer
Ages 8+


  • Youth Salsa Level 1 or 
  • 1 year of Salsa experience is required

Youth Salsa 2 expands on concepts from Level 1 and also introduces our students to more advanced concepts and footwork to build their technique. The class also puts more emphasis on musicality, body movement and styling technique. 

Youth Salsa 3

Instructor: Ms. Marifer
Ages 11+


  • 2 years of Salsa experience

Youth Salsa 3 challenges our students by moving at a faster pace and introducing more advanced footwork. The class also incorporates more complex body movements and puts a specific emphasis on freestyling and stage presence. 


Instructor: Ms. Paula
Ages 11+


  • Invite or audition only
  • 2+ years of Salsa experience

Our Youth Salsa Team is an extra class that our students take on top of their other salsa technique classes. The class is only offered by invite or audition only. The students learn and practice choreography that they perform during our showcases and events around town. The team trains for salsa festivals and salsa competitions. 


Instructor: Ms. Indira
Ages 10+


  • Invite only
  • Ballet 4 and/or Youth Salsa 3 or above

Afro-Cuban dance is a fusion of African and Spanish cultures in Cuba, developed during the colonial period. It includes styles like Rumba, known for energetic footwork, Yoruba dances associated with religious practices, and folkloric dances representing various African traditions. Afro-Cuban dance has a global influence in salsa and other styles, and therefore is an integral part of our students’ salsa training.


Instructor: Ms. Marlene (Hip Hop 1) and Mr. Dezmin (Hip Hop 2)
Ages 6-9 and 10+


  • Level 1: Ages 6-9. No experience required
  • Level 2: Ages 10+ and 1+ years of Hip-Hop experience required

Hip-Hop Level 1 is the introduction to the style, which is a street dance form that evolved from hip-hop music and culture. The genre borrows elements from a number of different dance styles and music, providing our students with a more complete knowledge of the style. 

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